Hand Sanitizer

it’s magic – the small flat bottle in video
it’s magic – the small flat bottle

Clean your hands

Clean hands are safer hands.
Washing our hands is an individual and responsible behavior to break the chain of transmission and protect ourselves collectively

Apply a palmful of hand sanitizer.
Cover all surfaces of the hands.
Rub hands until dry.

Stay Alert. Save Lives.
clean your hands

Open and Close - Automatic closure

the small flat bottle
automatic closure

a swiss invention
designed for on the go
50 ml sanitizer formulation
    the small flat bottle - clean your hands anytime anywhere

the small flat bottle goes wherever you go in your pocket, purse or suitcase with you on the train, plane, subway.
the small flat bottle is foldable

50 ml sanitizer formulation

50ml WHO hand sanitizer formulation in the lowest carbon footprint bottle